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At Dover Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. we aim to provide our customers with a range of products at affordable insurance rates. We give our customers valuable,in-depth and personalized information so they can choose the insurance products (dental, health, disability, small business plans, self employed options) for your needs with the convenience of sensitivity to your budget, excellent customer service, and fast turnaround times.

It's simple enough! Get your free personalized quote today! Our team of friendly, knowledgeable and licensed insurance agents listens carefully to your specific needs, asks the right questions, provides straightforward information, and guides you through the application process. Our goal? To give you the important information you need to make the right decisions for yourself and your loved ones, and to secure valuable peace of mind.

Life insurance is only one of the recommended strategies for infusion of cash for dealing with adverse financial consequence of the policyholder’s death. If structured correctly clients can enjoy favorable tax treatment unlike any other financial product. The death benefit amount comes in handy for the surviving family members. Dependent on the life insurance policy you can also take out income tax free policy loans. Discuss your individual or group insurance needs today with one of our licensed agents!

Our range of insurance options here at Dover Insurance & Financial Services Inc include mortgage protection insurance, mortgage disability insurance, funeral expense insurance, tax free retirement, spouse insurance, single premium whole life and term life insurance. At DIFS Inc. we believe that different people have different insurance coverage needs and that's why we offer customized insurance plans for everyone.

Consider your family's future! What would happen to them if you suffered a debilitating illness or injury, or suddenly passed away? Would they lose their home because they couldn't pay the mortgage? Would they even have enough funds to pay all the regular bills? For most people, their family is their main priority and we want to help you protect them from financial devastation in the event of your disability or death. 

Discuss individual or group insurance options today with one of our licensed agents!

Take the first step to protecting your family's future by learning more about our different kinds of life insurance and getting your free quote today. Click on the link to speak with an experienced insurance representative about options that are best for you and your family.

We have licensed insurance agents in NY, NJ, CT, NC, and MI.


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