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Dental Insurance

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Individual $177/year
Two Party $300/year
Family $408/year

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*Not a discount plan*

Dental Insurance vs Dental Discount plans


Can you spot the difference?


Dental discount plans sound a lot like traditional dental insurance plans, but they are not. The discount programs you’ll find popping up all over the Internet promising you lower prices, but then leaving you with only a few dollars off the bill once you’re at the dentist’s office.

Vision Plans

see below for sample plan and rates, brooklyn ny 11236


Plan Highlights


  • Annual Examination: $15.00 Copay

  • Materials: $25 Copay

  • No deductibles

  • No waiting periods

  • No Copay for Contacts

  • Your choice of network providers

  • One pair of standard frames each 24 months

  • One pair of single vision of standard lined multi-focal lenses (or) Contact lenses each 12 months

  • Benefits provided In and Out of Network

  • Discounts on Laser Vision Correction



Plan Cost


  Monthly Quarterly Annually
Member $13.86 $41.58 $166.32
PlusOne $23.34 $70.02 $280.08
Family $35.73 $107.19 $428.76

One time Non Refundable Processing fee: $35.00

The stated rates above include a two dollar ($2) per month billing fee and one dollar ($1) per month fee for membership in the Benefits Association. Rates are guaranteed for a 12 month period, at which time rates may be subject to change. After your first renewal, the rates will be guaranteed for 12 months each year thereafter.

Methods of Payment

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Bankdraft

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